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DMX Rides The Sling Shot Again

Posted on August 13, 2014 by

Remember the time when DMX pretty much lost it when he first rode on The Sling Shot?

Wanting to redeem himself, the rapper decided to take on the rollercoaster again, this time by taking another visit to Orlando, Florida’s Magical Midway amusement park and going on the ride again.

In a video titled, “DMX Vs The Slingshot 2: Redemption, A Message From X,” DMX is seen going on the ride with his friend Damien Sanchez. Assuring fans that he’s not scared anything, what results is a lot of NSFW language and a rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It.’ DMX even goes as far as to ask someone to light a cigarette for him “to show how cool he is”, but it’s too late as the ride suddenly starts on them.

Oh, DMX. Don’t ever change.

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