Hilary Duff Releases Catchy New Single ‘All About You’

Posted on August 12, 2014 by

While ‘Chasing the Sun’ certainly reminded us of Hilary Duff’s Lizzie McGuire days, her new single ‘All About You’ is anything but.

Channeling more of a folk-pop sound, the catchy new track showcases Duff’s mature side, even featuring some provocative lyrics.

“You could be my dirty secret,” Duff sings on the track’s opening line. “…You can meet me in the back seat, or take it up in first-class, mile high.” (Ohh lala! What are you insinuating, Ms. Duff? Is it with the shirtless hottie from the ‘Chasing The Sun’ video??)

But in all seriousness though, we’re really digging Duff’s comeback!

While we admit that she sounds a bit like Taylor Swift here, we’re happy to see Duff experimenting and embracing an edgier sound. After all, that whole soft-pop thing she did with ‘Chasing The Sun,’ is ‘So Yesterday!’ (Okay, okay. We’ll stop now.)

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