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Man Crush Monday: The Vamps

Posted on August 11, 2014 by
The Vamps

While they’ve only been a band for two years, The Vamps are quickly making their way into mainstream success. Formed in early 2012, their impressive talents got them a record deal with Mercury Records later that year. Having supported the likes of The Wanted, Demi Lovato and currently with Austin Mahone on tour,  it’s safe to say that  The Vamps are now starting to shine on their own.

Having reached #2 on the charts in the UK with their infectious single, ‘Can We Dance,’ the band also just recently released their North American EP ‘Somebody To You.’ As they hit our wonderful city of Toronto this Wednesday, it would only make sense for our boys James McVey, Brad Simpson, Tristan Evans and Connor Ball to be our Man Crush Monday.

Don’t know much about these English boys? Be prepared to fall in love.

They’re talented musicians

Besides the fact that each member can sing, they can also all play instruments. James and Brad can rock the guitar while Connor can slap the bass and Tristan can play the drums!

This is incredibly impressive, seeing that none of them are even legal to drink in America! (They’re all between the ages of 19 and 20).

SOURCE: awkward-genetic-defect on Tumblr

SOURCE: awkward-genetic-defect on Tumblr

Their YouTube covers are amazing

Like many other well known artists, YouTube is a way to show your talents to the world. By posting their version of Conor Maynard’s Vegas Girl on the website back in 2012, who knew that the cover was going to be the start of something beautiful?!

Seeing that I’m also a big McFly fan, their cover of That Girl was PERFECTION. And to make things even better, was the fact that McFly’s Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher’s younger sister Carrie even made a cameo in the video!

Also, for those who may have not known, Connor Ball wasn’t always in The Vamps. Back in March 2013, the boys thought it was a cute idea to ask Connor to be their bassist and film it. The reaction still puts tears in my eyes!

Their sense of humour is adorable

Sure they’re on tour, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun while working. Last September, they showed off their talents and senses of humour with some toy instruments. Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, eat your heart out!!

And while they were attending a Claire’s signing in the States, Brad still has time to show off his silly side…

Brad Simpson

SOURCE: bradleyy on Tumblr

Might we add that even though this was part of their music video ‘Can We Dance’, they still made filling a room with colourful balls look like the funnest time ever!

SOURCE: whitsides on Tumblr

SOURCE: whitsides on Tumblr

They’re always down for a challenge

Watching the boys do challenges/games is one of the best ways to keep you entertained during a boring day.

Most recently, the boys did a Balloon Challenge for heat & heatworld, in which they were challenged to stick little poles into a balloon without making it explode. Watching their fearful faces at the thought of a balloon popping is absolutely hilarious!

As well, watching them giggle over innuendos is just the cutest.

And also, we can’t help but love boys who know their Disney movies!!

They’re great on social media

If you don’t follow these boys on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Vine, you better start clicking that ‘Follow’ button now!

Case in point:

Brad gives the best life lessons during Livestreams:

SOURCE: begofmcvey on Tumblr

SOURCE: begofmcvey on Tumblr

SOURCE: begofmcvey on Tumblr

SOURCE: begofmcvey on Tumblr

SOURCE: begofmcvey on Tumblr

They’re always doing random follow spreee:

And, you can always expect to see a photo of James’ smokin’ hot body on his Instagram!! 

Hah! Also, leave it to Connor to tweet out his bowel movements…

And yes, Tristan. Airplanes do have Wi-Fi.

And for all you six-second video lovers, make sure you follow their Vine! 

The Vamps‘ Somebody To You EP is on sale now!  And if you don’t have tickets to Austin Mahone’s Tour yet,  you can still get tickets HERE to see the band! We know you want to!

SOURCE: thevampsitaly on Tumblr

SOURCE: thevampsitaly on Tumblr

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