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Step Up With ANDPOP: Dance Battles With Strangers

Posted on August 8, 2014 by

It’s been a long journey to greatness for ANDPOP’s Simon Mohos.

Feeling inspired by the latest Step Up movie, Step Up All In, Simon decided that 2014 will finally be his time to shine on the dance floor.

He felt that his half-hearted two-steps were just not cutting it anymore, so he went to learn from the best, Toronto b-boy Andrew “Pyro” Chung. Like magic, Pyro managed to do the impossible by turning Simon into a dancing machine in just a few hours’ time.

Now armed with a handful of moves, Simon had happy feet for days. So off he went dancing wherever his inner beat took him: on the sidewalks, on some funny bunny installation, an amphitheatre in the middle of the city … He just couldn’t stop.

Now, in this special episode of “Step Up With ANDPOP,” it’s time for Simon to enter the hypothetical ring for his first round of dance battles. Will all his training pay off as he moves and shakes it with the good people of Toronto? Or will he crumple under the pressure and run away to forever wonder what would’ve, could’ve happened if he only threw down that freeze? That b-boy rock? That cool stance?

Well, you have to hit play to find out!

Step Up All In is playing in theatres now!

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