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Step Up With ANDPOP: Dancing In Public

Posted on August 6, 2014 by

ANDPOP’s Simon Mohos is on the warpath to getting the dance skills he so craves.

To recap: feeling inspired by the fifth Step Up film, Step Up All In, Simon visited b-boy Andrew “Pyro” Chung at The Underground Dance Centre in Toronto to learn some new steps. Thanks to Pyro, Simon knows one sick dance battle pose,can sort of do a move that he should never attempt again and can b-boy rock like no other.

But before he can officially say he finally has the dance skills to match his fancy pants, Simon wants to build his confidence before he steps into his first dance battle. So, in our latest episode of “Step Up With ANDPOP,” Simon roams the streets of Toronto and dances like he’s the poor man’s Kevin Bacon circa Footloose.

But will Simon feel confident enough to dance battle the people of Toronto? Check back on Friday to find out!

Step Up All In hits theatres Friday August 8. You can also catch a special advance screening on Thursday August 7.

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