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Justin Bieber’s Song ‘Baby’ Saves Man From A Bear Attack

Posted on August 6, 2014 by
Justin Bieber

Can a song save your life?

If it just so happens to be Justin Bieber’s song ‘Baby’, then yes, it most definitely can.

According to the New York Post, a fisherman named Igor Vorozhbitsyn was nearly killed by a bear when it suddenly appeared and pounced on him while he was heading to a fishing spot in northern Russia.

“I had parked my car and was walking towards the spot I’d marked out when there was a tremendous impact on my back and the bear was on top of me,” he said.

But as luck would have it, his phone went off. With Bieber’s ‘Baby’ playing as the ringtone, the bear relaxed and took off.

“I couldn’t believe my luck when the phone went off and he fled,” Vorozhbitsyn said. “I know that sort of ringtone isn’t to everyone’s taste, but my granddaughter loaded it onto my phone for a joke.”

Though Vorozhbitsyn may have cheated death, he didn’t come out of the attack without some injuries. As seen in this photo, he is currently recovering from cuts and bruises around his face and chest.

Who knew Bieber had the power to compel furry animals? No need to make excuses about having the Canadian singer on your phone Mr. Vorozhbitsyn! If the Biebz can save your life through song, then I think it’s time everyone uploads Bieber’s greatest hits on their mobile devices!!

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