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Laverne Cox Does Conan O’Brien’s Hair

Posted on August 5, 2014 by

The cast of Orange Is The New Black took a trip to Conan last night, and they certainly made an entrance!

During the show’s cold open, host Conan O’Brien had Laverne Cox in character as Sophia come by and do his hair, which she compared to Bozo the Clown.

“You need to understand that you are turning off a huge segment of the demographic that you could be reaching!” Cox said. “People are scared of clowns. I’m scared just looking at you! Bozo 2.0, okay?”

But that wasn’t all. Cox even went as far as to comment on O’Brien’s voice, which she thought sounded womanly.

“You really are an inspiration, the very first transgender talk-show host,” Cox said.

“But I’m not transgender,” O’Brien replied.

“But your voice is higher than mine,” countered Cox, “You’re telling me you’re not transitioning?”

Ah, lovin’ the shade, Ms. Cox!

With that said though, we think it’s about time we had a transgender talk show host in the mainstream media. We’d totally watch your show if you hosted one, Laverne!

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