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Must Follow Monday: Lea Michele

Posted on August 4, 2014 by
Lea Michele

Every Monday ANDPOP brings you a new hilarious personality to follow on Twitter. Because we care, we’ll be assembling some of their greatest tweets to date to reel you in  and convince you to push that follow button. We aren’t forcing you to follow these people; we’re just STRONGLY SUGGESTING for your own personal enjoyment.  Today, we STRONGLY ADVISE you to follow Lea Michele at @msleamichele

It seems impossible that on top of Lea Michele’s demanding Glee schedule, her music, and her writing, she still manages to cut in some fun social media time.

The actress/singer/writer has dabbled in so much at such a young age: Michele landed a book deal which includes the recently released Brunette Ambition, released her first solo album Louder earlier this year, and has another book AND album on the way. Oh, and she still has to film the final season of Glee.

We can’t help but wonder when sleep, not to mention Twitter, fits into her schedule. Still, we could not be happier for her consistent presence on social media. The 27-year-old is always up for chatting with fans and answering their questions on Twitter, and never fails to provide us with endless behind the scenes photos of Glee and her red carpet outfits. She’s especially good for sharing incredible vacation pictures from wherever in the world she may be. Whether it’s Hawaii, Mexico, or Italy, Michele has been there, inciting a sense of wunderlust in us all.

Here are just some of her Twitter highlights:

Her vacation pictures

Oh, and her food pictures 

She’s goofy

Did we mention her vacation pictures?

Her adorable throw backs

And the biggest throwback of all:

Her relationship with her co-stars

Her celeb encounters

Her unconditional love for theatre

Two words: Ultra Glam

Her behind the scenes photos fulfill all our extra Glee needs

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