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#WCW: Hilary Duff

Posted on July 30, 2014 by

She won our hearts back in 2001 with her hit Disney show Lizzie McGuire and we sing “Why Not” every time we think of her. Our #WomanCrushWednesday this week is Hilary Duff!

This blonde beauty has always been a positive role model for teen girls everywhere. With a smile and attitude as bright as hers, this former Disney actress might just be the nicest star around. Having just released her comeback single, “Chasing The Sun,” there’s really no one better to call our #WCW than the “So Yesterday” singer.

Here’s why I love her:


SOURCE: steve-carell on Tumblr

SOURCE: steve-carell on Tumblr

While she has a great smile, it’s really her positivity that shines through. Having been in the spotlight since she was 13, she hasn’t let life’s difficult challenges deter her sunny attitude.

Life Lessons

Hilary Duff

SOURCE: Tumblr

If you were as obsessed with the Disney Channel as I was, Lizzie McGuire was where you turned to for life advice. Whether you were dealing with friendships, family issues or dating (remember Ethan Craft?!), Lizzie McGuire wasn’t afraid to talk about it. Maybe it’s silly to say we learned so much from a TV show, but it felt nice to have Lizzie/Hilary tell us that it’s okay to be ourselves.

Oh, remember when Isabella Parigi, a.k.a. Lizzie’s Italian pop star look-a-like, helped Lizzie McGuire fight her stage fright in the Lizzie McGuire Movie?

Hilary Duff

SOURCE: pruehalliwel on Tumblr



I am personally a HUGE fan. I get excited every time I watch a show or movie that features Hilary.

Outside of her work with Disney, A Cinderella Story has to be one of my favourite Hilary Duff films.

Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray

SOURCE: whoismaradyers on Tumblr

And an honourary mention goes to the crazy family of 14, Cheaper By The Dozen.



Adorable Mom

Hilary Duff is at the top of Disney Moms list (yes, I have a list). Duff and her now-separated husband Mike Comrie have an adorable two-year-old son together.

Say hi to Luca Comrie.

SOURCE: ohhilary.com

SOURCE: ohhilary.com

Just check out how cute they are as Luca dances to his moms new single, “Chasing The Sun”!

She’s like us

Hilary and I are very similar in many ways.

When we’re feeling good/happy about ourselves, we take selfies:

We get REALLY attached to our luggage:

And she knows that one hit of caffeine just isn’t enough:

So are you on the Hilary train yet?

SOURCE: steve-carell on Tumblr

SOURCE: steve-carell on Tumblr

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