Zac Efron Runs Wild With Bear Gryllis — Shirtless

Posted on July 29, 2014 by

Zac Efron is a beautiful man.

So how could he possibly be anymore attractive than he currently is now? By roughing it in the series premiere of Running Wild With Bear Grylls

In it, he and British adventurer Bear Grylls become manly men as they explore the Catskill Mountains (Dirty Dancing, guys!) in upstate New York for 48 hours. They parachute into the forest, eat an earthworm omelette, drink fern tea and even find time to talk about Zac’s rehab. Zac says he took drugs as a “social lubricant” to help deal with the stalking press and he never wants to face that again.

Zac also teaches Bear a few dance moves and the wonders of a s’more. And if that wasn’t enough for our ovaries, Zac rips off his shirt as they rappel down a waterfall to get to their exit vehicle.

Zac Efron is so manly… Sigh.

Now can NBC make the whole episode available in Canada? It’s not like we’re living in Narnia! Even if we were, Zac Efron’s beauty should still be available everywhere.

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