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DMX Freaks Out On A Roller Coaster

Posted on July 29, 2014 by
DMX Rollercoaster

What’s DMX like when he’s riding on a roller coaster?  As it turns out, it appears that he’s pretty scared of them.

In a video obtained by TMZ, we see the rapper losing his mind while riding on the Sling Shot during a visit to Orlando, Florida’s Magical Midway amusement park. As his thoroughly-entertained ride companion laughs at what he’s witnessing,  the emcee hilariously screams and yells profanities during the whole ride.

Perhaps DMX should take a ride with Kevin Hart, because his reactions while riding this roller coaster are just as priceless. Because while we believe he was genuinely scared of the Sling Shot, the rapper brushes it off upon realizing that he’s being videotaped.

“We did it for the camera, yo!” DMX says. “We wasn’t really scared!”

Hmm…we beg to differ, but okay.

Watch the video here:

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