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Man Crush Monday: Chris Pratt

Posted on July 28, 2014 by

He’s set to save our galaxy in Marvel’s latest superhero flick The Guardians of the Galaxy and was Leslie Knope’s hilarious assistant in NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Our #ManCrushMonday this week is none other than Chris Pratt!

While he might’ve landed roles in the Oscar-nominated films Zero Dark Thirty and MoneyballGuardians of the Galaxy will be the first time moviegoers will get a good look at this leading man. With Guardians Of The Galaxy hitting theatres this Friday and Parks and Recreations heading into its final season this fall, we couldn’t pick anyone better to be our #ManCrushMonday.

Here’s why:

He could be our best friend

Chris Pratt is everything you want in a friend: he’s sweet, funny and he can french braid hair like no one’s business. Just check out this photo of ‘do he gave his wife, actress Anna Faris.

Chris was even gracious enough to interrupt an interview with ET to french braid an intern’s hair.


He’s fit

We’ll always love Chris for playing Andy, the chubby, loveable goof on Parks and Recreation. But now that’s he’s a superhero, it’s nice to know that he’s got a great set of abs underneath his clothes.

Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy

Courtesy of Marvel Canada

That wasn’t the first time Chris got into shape. The actor also had to bulk up for Zero Dark Thirty.

We’re going to assume he was always this fit before Parks and Recreations because, like Channing Tatum, Chris was a one-time stripper!

Meanwhile, this is how I feel about exercise:

He’s Hilarious

Thanks to his role as Andy Dwyer, we already knew that Chris is a funny guy. Just check out this dirty ad lib that wouldn’t fly with the show’s censors.

But he was making us laugh long before that. He played Che, Summer Roberts’ hippie friend from Brown Universtiy on The O.C..

He also knows how to make every situation funny, even in interviews.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

SOURCE: thenorsebros on Tumblr

He’s Humble

There’s not one interview that goes by that Chris never fails to display his modesty.

His message to nice people:

SOURCE: rugbymentality on Tumblr

SOURCE: rugbymentality on Tumblr

When someone refers to him as a ‘big’ movie star:

SOURCE: chrisprattawesomesource on Tumblr

SOURCE: chrisprattawesomesource on Tumblr

His family

You may or may not know his beautiful and hilarious wife, Anna Faris. Personally, I don’t know a couple who better compliment one another like these two.

Just check out his adorable photo of Chris taking a photo of Anna while she was posing on the red carpet at the Peoples Choice Awards.

SOURCE: Peoples Choice Awards

SOURCE: Peoples Choice Awards

And when asked about the funnest thing he’s done while getting active:

SOURCE: ayyecaptn on Tumblr

SOURCE: ayyecaptn on Tumblr

SOURCE: ayyecaptn on Tumblr

Which leads us to their almost two-year-old baby, Jack.

SOURCE: eonline

SOURCE: eonline

Chris even came up with the cutest exercise song for Jack!

So, do you love him as much as we do yet?

Chris Pratt gun noises

SOURCE: Star Lorrd

Guardians Of The Galaxy opens up in theatres August 1st!

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