Daniel Radcliffe Attends Comic Con as Spiderman

Posted on July 26, 2014 by
Daniel Radcliffe

Comic Con is a religious experience for many, even celebrities., which is why it is common for our favourite celebs to don a disguise to roam the convention. Throw back to the time John Barrowman stalked the Doctor Who line disguised as a Dalek. This Comic Con Daniel Radcliffe took the cake, dressing up as Spiderman to go unnoticed. Radcliffe later utilized his Google + account to snap a photo to unveil his true identity.

Daniel Radcliffe

SOURCE: Daniel Radcliffe’s Google+

According to Hypable, the actor wanted to check out the convention  since it was his first time ever attending. We know, we’re shocked too. Radcliffe attended Comic Con this year for his upcoming film Horns.

We are obligated to remind everyone that back in 2011, Andrew Garfield, a.k.a. The Amazing Spider-Man‘s Peter Parker, was the first celebrity (that we know of) to use the Spiderman costume as a disguise at Comic Con. Basically what we are getting from this is…Daniel Radcliffe for the third SpiderMan instalment?

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