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Leonardo DiCaprio Tries Out His Karate Skills On A Yacht

Posted on July 24, 2014 by
leo DiCaprio kicking

We’re not really sure what Leonardo DiCaprio is doing, but this makes us love him even more.

During a ride on his luxury yacht on the French Riviera this past Tuesday, DiCaprio was keen to show off some of his martial arts skills. Dressed in a white T shirt and jeans while sporting a short ponytail, the actor flexed his muscles and did some impressive high kicks as his boat drifted off the coast of Nice.

leo kicking 2

SOURCE: Daily Mail

leo flexing

SOURCE: Daily Mail

Ah, Leo. If you can’t get the Oscar, at least show the Academy what you’ve got! We think you’re way better than them anyways. After all, you have such great moves!!

And because this absolutely necessary, here’s a throwback to DiCaprio’s amazing Coachella dancing days:

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  1. scallywag says:

    New video has emerged showing the moment Orlando Bloom taking a swing at Biebs with the punch to only be pared down by Biebs handler, the video comes as a result of a Swedish guest who rather than delete footage as has been requested by the club sent it off to the tabloids instead …


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