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#WCW: Sophie Turner

Posted on July 23, 2014 by

Considering our #WomanCrushWednesday was Maisie Williams last week, you’re probably wondering if this girl has a big obsession with Game Of Thrones. Why yes, yes I do.

It was also only natural to pick Maisie’s fellow co-star, Sophie Turner, as our #WCW this week! With the 18-year-old’s loving personality, how could we not?!

Here’s just a short list of all the reasons why I adore her.

Game Of Thrones

SOURCE: gameofthronesdaily on Tumblr

She’s Hilarious

What’s with the Game Of Throne girls? BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL SO FUNNY.

She might not be going on a Comedy tour anytime soon, but she’s always up for a good YouTube video or Vine. Sophie Turner even sang on BBC Radio 1’s Matt Edmondson parody song, “Game of Moans,” which was released earlier this year.

Her Tweets

Sophie Turner really lets her sarcasm shine through Twitter. She’s also not afraid to send some cheeky tweets to her rumoured boyfriend, James McVey from The Vamps.

Her style

Sophie Turner

Her long silky red hair and style= WIN!

Her outfits are so unique that when I see something bright and colourful, I often think to myself and say, “Woah, Sophie Turner could totally rock that.

She’s a Talented Actress

As Sansa Stark, Sophie Turner showed some incredibly skill in the last season of Game of Thrones. Sansa is no longer the little girl hoping to marry the future king; instead she becomes as conniving as her competitors and can indeed play “game of thrones.”

Turner recently starred in Bastille’s latest music video, “Oblivion.

Bastille's Oblivion Music Video

SOURCE: jenna-coleman on Tumblr

This video was so simple and beautifully shot that the actress showed she could still shine without donning medieval clothes.

Animal Lover

Remember Lady, Sansa’s direwolf in season one? After season one wrapped, Sophie adopted the pup after falling in love with her during filming.

Meet the happy couple, Zunni & Sophie:

SOURCE: NY Daily news

SOURCE: NY Daily news


Are you in love yet?


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