Gary Oldman Laughs Hysterically At His Onscreen Deaths

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Gary Oldman takes laughing at yourself to a pretty morbid level. As he stopped by the set of Conan to chat with Conan O’Brien earlier this week, the host gave the actor a very special treat: a montage of the several times the actor has died on screen.

Like Sean Bean, Oldman is not new to dying in the roles he plays. From getting eaten alive by hogs in Hannibal to getting his head crushed in Dracula, at least he has a sense of humour about his brutal past onscreen.

Still though, we’ll never get over his death in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Justice will be served for what was done to Sirius Black. Bellatrix Lestrange, HOW DARE YOU?!

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2 Responses to “Gary Oldman Laughs Hysterically At His Onscreen Deaths”

  1. Hi says:

    That guy is cool and so down to earth. Love to see him having fun in his well deserved freetime 😀

  2. RickJM says:

    What kind of nonsense is this. The author says Grint hasn’t done anything but supporting roles and praises Watson for selecting supporting roles.

    Grint has said in numerous interviews he decided to take some time off after Potter. Just like Watson did. That’s why he hasn’t been in much – yet, he has actually done more than Watson has.

    The author never mentions The Unbeatables (out this weekend in the UK) or the Enemy of Man project or the recently wrapped Moonwalkers. Then there’s Mojo which he did in the West End. And, oh yeah, Broadway.

    And Super Clyde was not picked up by CBS you idiot.

    Seriously, can anyone just publish anything on this site?

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