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Chris Pratt French Braids An Intern’s Hair During An Interview

Posted on July 23, 2014 by
chris pratt

Chris Pratt is pretty unstoppable these days. From charming the pants off of us as Parks and Rec’s loveable Andy Dywer to getting super buff for film roles, the actor has proven that he is also a great hair stylist.

During an interview with ET to discuss his upcoming film Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt took some time to french braid a lucky intern’s hair after he was asked to put his skills to the test. Taking only four minutes for him to finish the task, the actor also impresses with his knowledge on what kind of products are needed to hold the hair properly together.

“Not a rubber band. A rubber band will damage the hair,” Pratt said. “What you need is something called a scrunchie.”

We’re thinking he’s had tons of practice on his wife Anna Faris. After all, he DID post a picture of the masterful french braid he did on her just a couple of months ago.

Watch the interview here:

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