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Must Follow Monday: Betty Who

Posted on July 21, 2014 by
Betty Who

Every Monday ANDPOP brings you a new hilarious personality to follow on Twitter. Because we care, we’ll be assembling some of their greatest tweets to date to reel you in and convince you to push that follow button. Today, we STRONGLY ADVISE you to follow Betty Who at @BettyWho

Australian singer Betty Who never ceases to amaze us with her unique vocals and catchy songs. At the ripe age of 22, this exceptional talent has taken the music world by storm with her original sound and undeniable charisma. Really though, have you heard her stellar EP “Slow Dancing?” Even though the singer is busy touring and making music, she always takes some time out of her day to interact with fans on social media.

Betty Who often turns to Twitter to thank fans, share some life sentiments, speak her mind, and of course, share her excitement about her upcoming music and going on tour. As Twitter can sometimes be packed with hate, rumours and self-promotion, this singer is an absolute breath of fresh air. Because not only does she love to share new music, she is also all around hilarious! Her random life musings and food related concerns never fail to put a smile on our faces!

Here’s why you should follow her:

She’s profound

She’s sweet to her fans

Our idea of a good time

She’s seriously adorable

This though

Her television taste


We just can’t handle the cuteness 

She tells things like it is



We feel you

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