Marvel’s Next Captain America Will Be Black

Posted on July 17, 2014 by
Black Captain America

Looks like The Falcon is getting a promotion!

After playing the long-time friend and partner of Capt. Steve Rogers’ Captain America, it was announced last night on The Colbert Report that Sam Wilson aka The Falcon will now don red, white and blue in a new series launching in October.

This news comes after a tweet sent by Marvel teasing fans about a new Captain America:

In an interview with host Stephen Colbert, Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada said it was time for the original Captain America “to hand his mantle over.”

The role of Sam Wilson first debuted in Captain America  in 1969, and was the first black superhero in Marvel Comics. As he gets promoted to Captain America, he will be the seventh character to take on the role.

That being said though, he isn’t the first black character to become Captain America. According to Vulture, that honour went to Isaiah Bradley in 2003?s Truth: Red, White, and Black.

First a female Thor and now a black Captain America? Kudos to you, Marvel!

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