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ANDPOP wants to help you stun your family and friends with your utterly amazing musical taste. Gabriella Zicarelli will profile a new musical act for you to enjoy on a weekly basis. This week, we’re all about “Pompeii” hit makers, Bastille.

Brit band Bastille have been around since 2010 but only began to hit their stride in the last year or so with their pop-driven sound.

Hailing from London, England, Bastille got its start after frontman Dan Smith began his first solo project back in 2010. As fate would have it, the singer-songwriter decided to ditch his solo status and form a band instead, enlisting Kyle Simmons (keyboards), Will Farquarson (bass) and Chris Wood (drums) for his new endeavour. Fast forward to December of 2010, the London-based quartet received their first recording contract with Virgin Records.

The band then went on to release their first studio album, Bad Blood, last year. The record included the track “Pompeii,” which turned out to be the band’s break out tune. It earned the band massive radio play and endless attention in the U.K., where they were nominated for four Brit Awards awards this yearBritish Group, British Single of the Year, British Album of the Year and winning British Breakthrough Act.

It’s just great to see that, even with all this success, it hasn’t gotten to their heads and at the end of the day, they’re still such humble guys with a great sense of humour.


Source: bastillean on Tumblr

“Pompeii” also helped Bastille break onto the North American scene. They’ve performed on Saturday Night Live, Conan, Jimmy Kimmel Live and  Late Night with Seth Meyers.

While the band has become recognized for their electric-pop hits, they’ve also become pretty well-known for their covers. They’ve notably put their own twist on Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” and and TLC’s “No Scrubs.”

With a sound so original, it’s hard to compare them to other musical acts currently in the scene. Bastille’s music can be described as a mixture of genres with influences ranging from rock to R&B all the way to dance.

Finding time between tour dates, the band has been hard at work on their sophomore album. I think it’s safe to say they will no doubt offer more foot-tapping tracks that will have us air-drumming along.


MEMBERS: Dan Smith, William Farquarson, Kyle J Simmons and Chris Wood

FROM: London, England

KNOWN FOR: Their electric-pop driven sound

FILE NEXT TO: Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic

DOWNLOAD NOW: “Of the Night”


1. Not only was the band’s name inspired by Bastille Day, which celebrates the start of the French revolution, it also represents Dan Smith’s birthday.

2. The band is big on history. Their hit track”Pompeii” was inspired by the historical event where the Roman town literally burned after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Another song, “Icarus,” was based on Greek mythology’s tale of a young boy (Icarus) who didn’t listen to his father’s warning and flew too close to the sun, fell and drowned.

3. Frontman Dan Smith is not only a singer and producer, but also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. He can play the piano, keyboard, percussion and melodica.

4. Bassist William Farquarson starred in a short film called, La Ri En Rose, where he shares a romantic moment with a photo of Rihanna.


“Things We Lost in the Fire”

“Bad Blood”


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