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Man Crush Monday: Shawn Mendes

Posted on July 14, 2014 by

From doing six-second Vine covers to landing a recording deal with Island Records, this week’s Man Crush Monday is one up-coming talent you should keep an eye on.

SOURCE: supshawnmendes on Tumblr

SOURCE: supshawnmendes on Tumblr

If you’re on YouTube, Vine, Twitter or Instagram, you may have heard of this Canadian boy (and no, we’re not talking about Justin Bieber). Shawn Mendes has recently been making waves outside of our favourite social media sites as his latest tune, “Life of the Party” became the no. 1 song on the American iTunes charts merely two hours after its release last month.

Needless to say, we just couldn’t fathom having anyone else as our #ManCrushMonday. Here are just some reasons why Shawn is our “Life of the Party”:

His Voice

Now that he’s signed to Island records, you know this boy has some great vocals. From doing six-second vines to full Youtube covers, this boy’s voice definitely will have you lining up for his first studio album!

Let’s also not forget that he won Ryan Seacrest’s “Best Cover” contest for his rendition of A Great Big World’s “Say Something” in April.

He’s a Sweetie

The New York City Police Department may have shut down Shawn’s Central Park meet and greet two weeks, but that didn’t stop fans from discovering where the “Life of the Party” singer was. Shawn was nice enough to spend what felt like a couple of hours to meet and take photos with all of his fans.

Shawn was also gracious enough to stop and swipe through Tinder with ANDPOP’s Simon Mohos on the MuchMusic Video Awards red carpet!

His Tweets

We all love Twitter, but we especially love it when someone can bring a smile to our faces by tweeting funny or really random things.

For example, he totally gets our teenage problems:

He clearly loves the same things as us

And nothing better than a bit of The Fault In Our Stars love:

He Has Great Friends

He’s buddies with (possibly) all your favourite viners: Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Carter Reynolds and the rest of the MAGcon boys!

It also appears that the world is really quite the small place as everyone seems to be best friends with Ed Sheeran BUT us.

But I can’t decide who I’m more jealous of: Ed Sheeran with Shawn Mendes or the drink Shawn Mendes is holding in his hand!

Too far/weird? OOPS.

His Smile

I’m a girl who’s all about the smiles. And this boy has one of the cutest smiles, ever.

SOURCE: shawnsbucks on Tumblr

SOURCE: shawnsbucks on Tumblr

SOURCE: shawnsbucks on Tumblr

SOURCE: shawnsbucks on Tumblr

Did you just smile because you were looking at him smile? SAME.

If you want to see Shawn Mendes perform live, make sure you check out him when he hits the road for Austin Mahone’s summer tour!

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