Ian McKellen Would Consider Guest Starring on ‘Glee’

Posted on July 12, 2014 by
Ian McKellen

Sir Ian McKellen can do absolutely anything. This is why it comes as little surprise that the British actor behind Magneto, Gandalf, and soon Sherlock Holmes, has expressed interest in possibly taking on a guest starring role in Glee.

On Twitter yesterday (July 11) the British actor answered cheekily to a fan who asked if he had any interest in making a cameo of some sort in an American TV show, reported DigitalSpy.

Glee is no stranger to big name guest stars, as they have had Gwenyth Paltrow, John Stamos, Kristen Chenoweth, Adam Lambert, Demi Lovato and more appear on the show over its many seasons. It would not be the first time a bit time British star appeared on the show either, as Helen Mirren is the voice of Becky Jackson’s (Lauren Potter) inner monologue.

Considering McKellen will be shooting the Noel Coward biopic Noel with Glee star Chris Colfer in London some time next year, we can only hope some sort of friendship will form so that this can happen. It needs to happen.

It just has to happen, Lord of the Rings was adapted for the stage after all. Yeah, singing hobbits were involved. There’s a connection there somewhere, we swear.

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