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Top Tweets of The Week: Orphan Black Responds to Emmy Snub, Harry Styles Favourites a NSFW Tweet and More

Posted on July 11, 2014 by
Orphan Black

With countless celebrities sharing their thoughts in 140 characters or less, it’s almost impossible to keep up with what’s going on with everyone — until now. Every Friday, ANDPOP’s Gabriella Zicarelli will be rounding up the best celebrity tweets to help you stay in the loop. This week, Taylor Swift shares her 4th of July and James Franco visits puppies.

James Franco’s “Puppy Love”

It’s no secret that our love for James Franco has run deep ever since he became Daniel Desario in Freaks and Geeks, but now our love just got stronger. The actor, who is currently on Broadway in the stage production of Of Mice and Men, visited some puppies this week and won “Selfie of the Week” thanks to this adorable photo-bomber.

Cuties times two.

Taylor Swift’s 4th of July Extravaganza

As much as we love Taylor Swift, we can’t help but feel like our lives are slightly too boring for words whenever she posts photos from one of her house parties. This week, the country sweetheart invited a few pals over to celebrate the 4th of July long weekend. A few famous faces (such as Lena Dunham, Emma Stone and a very bearded Andrew Garfield just to name a few) made the journey to Taylor’s for some fun in the sun. They made a “Slip and Sliding”… 

Did a little baking…

Went for a boat ride…

And posed for a “Family Portrait”….

I can’t help but wonder if Emma Stone brought out her stellar lip-synching karaoke skills during that weekend.

Emma Stone

Source: pumpedupniks on Tumblr

Lady Gaga’s Pug Loves Pearls

Celebrities never fail to produce cute photos of their pets, and Lady Gaga’s pug is no different. This week, the singer shared this photo of her little cutie having some fun with “mom’s” pearls and the only thing more adorable than the photo was her caption. 

Pugs got style and class.

Smooth Styles. Real Smooth.

Where do we even begin discussing the commotion Harry Styles caused on Twitter this week? Let’s just say he may or may not have accidently “favourited” a NSFW photo on Twitter leaving fans either in an uproar or laughing their little fangirl hearts out. They even started the hashtag #HarryDontLickAnything which quickly became a trending topic. For the record, I, too, am also shaking my head in disbelief.

But what really got our attention was how the One Direction member handled the situation.

He then went on to unfavourite the offending tweet and favourited a bunch of tweets with adorable pics of kitties and puppies. Very clever, Harry. I see what you did there.

Harry Styles

Source: thefastlanefanfic on Tumblr

Us too, Kat. Us too.

It’s a well-known fact that Greek adonis John Stamos is a gorgeous man. It’s also a fact that the man, who is 50-years-old, looks like he hasn’t aged since his Full House days. That’s why this completely accurate tweet courtesy of 2 Broke Girls’ Kat Dennings, deserved a spot on this week’s list.


Zayn Malik’s Twitter Drawing

Now that we’re all over the Harry Styles incident, I say it’s time to move on and start focusing on One Direction’s other members, like Zayn Malik. Though he’s been a little MIA on Twitter these days, the 1D member graced us all with his “presence” with not only a tweet but one of his famous drawings.

Though he doesn’t say who the drawing is of, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s him during a bad hair day.

Orphan Black Twitter Account Responds to Emmy Snub

The Emmy nominations were announced Thursday morning and well, let’s just say they missed the pot a little lot by forgetting to nominate Orphan Black‘s Tatiana Maslany who, as fans know, plays not one, not two but multiple clones of herself on the hit show. Surely that fact alone should count for something. Alas, the Regina, Sask. native was left without a single nomination which lead to the show’s cover social media team to express their thoughts on the matter via Twitter. First there was the excitement and anticipation… 

Then the optimism for next year kicked in…

But then things took a different turn with how her character, “Rachel” took the news

It wasn’t all bad news because they announced that the show has been picked up for a third season just the day before.

So take that!

And in Other Emmy News…  

It looks the folks over at Orphan Black weren’t the only ones disappointed in this year’s Emmy nominations. Arrow‘s Stephen Amell also threw some shade at the popular awards show with this sassy little message he put up on his Facebook page.

Points to you, Stephen!

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