Leaked Britney Spears Tune Is Cringeworthy Without Auto-Tune

Posted on July 10, 2014 by
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A leaked, non auto-tuned version of Britney Spears’ song ‘Alien’ has hit the internet, and the results are rather cringeworthy.

Take a listen here!

While the song has been circulating the web with much criticism, track producer William Orbit released a statement on Facebook saying that this version of the single was a warm-up session, not Spears’ final take:


‘Alien’ was featured as a track off Spears’ latest album Britney Jean.

While I certainly feel for Spears, I’m not entirely surprised that the non auto-tuned version doesn’t sound very good because she has been notorious for lip synching during performances. But considering the fact that she makes up for her lack of singing with complicated dance routines, Spears at the end of the day, is more of an entertainer than a vocal talent.

Still though, I’m skeptical about whether Orbit is just covering up for her. Having now heard the finished product as well, I can kind of hear the parts the producers edited with auto-tune.

Take a listen to the finished version and compare!

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