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Katy Perry Fights To Be Queen in Her Animated Perfume Ad

Posted on July 8, 2014 by
Katy Perry in animated form

Looks like Katy Perry wants to be the Queen!

In an ad for her perfume, Killer Queen’s Royal Revolution, we see the singer in animated form as she dons blue and gold regalia¬†and fights the evil king from turning his citizens into a red-headed, high-fashion robots. The ad is also set to some Game of Thrones-sounding music, which makes us think that the king is modelled after that little sh*t Joffrey.

From the looks of the commercial, it appears that one spritz of Perry’s new perfume has the power to fight evil forces. And if that’s a way to show us that it’ll make our body odour problems go away, then I’m completely sold on this new perfume.

After all, Glamour says the floral fragrance will include “notes of pink freesia, mystical blackthorn, jasmine, and vanilla orchid.”

Watch the ad here:

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