More Clues Revealed in Second Trailer For ‘Gone Girl’

Posted on July 7, 2014 by

A new trailer for David Fincher’s Gone Girl has just released, and the new scenes that are revealed are even creepier than what we saw in the first trailer.

Gone Girl, based off of the best-selling novel by Gillian Flynn, follows a man named Nick (Ben Affleck) who becomes the focus of an intense media circus after he gets accused of murdering his wife (Rosamund Pike) after her mysterious disappearance.

Set to the hair-raising voiceover of Pike’s character Amy, this new trailer features Casey Wilson, Tyler Perry and a really sketchy-looking Neil Patrick Harris.

Over the weekend, disturbing posters leading up to the trailer’s release gave fans a taste of what they can expect once the film  releases October 3. However, if the suspense is REALLY killing you, maybe you should just read the book before catching it on the big screen.

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