Fifth Harmony’s BO$$ Is Fierce, Feisty and Empowering

Posted on July 5, 2014 by
Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony has just dropped their latest single BO$$ and it is fierce, fabulous, and sassy. As the girls say in the song, they are on their “Michele Obama sh–.”

BO$$ is the first track off of the girls’ upcoming debut album, and is all about female empowerment and taking charge, reports MTV.  It’s nice to see such a positive message  being sent out to young woman. With this kick-ass song, the Fifth Harmony Girls Normani Hamilton, Dinah-Jane Hansen, Camila Cabello, Ally Brooke, and Lauren Jauregui show what it means to demand respect.

Throughout the track the girls do some heavy name dropping with catchy lines like “You’re talking to a lady, I want a Kanye and not a Ray J,” and “purse so heavy getting Oprah dollars.” With its strong lyrics and infectious beats, the song is undeniably radio bound.

BO$$  encourages independence, confidence, and knowing your worth. The girls belt out lines like  “I see you tryin’ to holla/ But that ain’t how I was brought up, next/ working for the money cause that’s what my momma taught me so your ass better show me some respect.”

” I think when you turn that song on, [you] feel sexy and feel good about yourself, so the whole point is about being yourself and liking it,” Fifth Harmony’s own Camila Cabello told MTV. She said, “The whole point of this song is for girls who are our age to turn it on and feel confident and empowered because at this age being insecure is such a normal, common thing,”

BO$$  is a female anthem that we can stand behind. Kudos to these girls for putting out music that their fans can feel encouraged by and take a strong message from.

Listen to the track below

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