Our Favourite Sailor Scouts from ‘Sailor Moon’

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Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon

The world was ready for a female heroine back when Sailor Moon first released in 1992. Now 22 years later, the revival of the popular anime series is back with today’s release of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal.

As children of the 90s, there’s no denying the fact that the Sailor Moon series offered girls  with female heroes to look up to. So without further ado, we’ve decided to rank our fave sailor scouts.

10. Sailor Pluto

Not much is known about Sailor Pluto, seeing that she’s known to be mysterious. The Soldier of Time and Space, Sailor Pluto’s duty is to guard the time corridor from unauthorized travellers. She’s distant and can be stern, which is why she isn’t our favourite. But seeing that she can also be quite friendly towards the other Sailor Scouts, we guess she can be pretty cool.

9. Sailor Uranus

Sailor Uranus is one cool chick. She can drive, rock a pixie and pulls off the androgynous look really well. The only thing we would like her to improve on is working with others, seeing that she mostly prefers to work with Sailor Neptune. Yes, we know they’re supposed to be lovers, but working in group projects is important in any field!

What we can say though, is that she eventually does open herself to Sailor Saturn and Pluto.

8. Sailor Saturn

It’s no secret that Sailor Saturn has lived a hard life. The daughter of a mad scientist, she’s the victim of a terrible lab accident that has significantly compromised her health and destroyed a large portion of her body.

That being said though, we love her despite the fact that she’s a lonely girl. She’s sweet and honourable, especially when she sacrifices herself whenever she uses her weapon, the Silence Glaive, to generate barriers and destroy a planet. We love that she’s willing to take one for the team for the common good. After all, she DOES have the ability to come back to life.

7. Sailor Neptune 

Sailor Neptune is like the equivalence of a hipster. She’s independent and an artist because she plays the violin and loves painting. She also has green hair, which we think only she can pull off.

We also like her partnership with Sailor Uranus. Together, they are INSEPARABLE.

6. Sailor Chibi Moon

Hands down, she is the cutest sailor scout. The future daughter of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask in the 30th century, she later trains with Sailor Moon to become a Sailor Soldier as well.

Clearly getting the best genes from her mom and dad, I think Sailor Chibi Moon has the potential to be something great!

5. Sailor Venus

Sailor Venus is a dreamer, and aspires to be a famous singer. But as much as we admire her ambition, what we love most about her is how she’s always willing to serve as Sailor Moon’s body decoy due to their near-identical looks. The fact that she’s more than willing to be in the shadows of Sailor Moon is also very honourable of her.

We also like her because she has an adorable cat named Artemis.  Because really, who doesn’t love cats?

4. Sailor Moon

Sure, she may be the titular character of the series. But, she CAN get kind of annoying. Clumsy, ditzy and definitely a bit of a crybaby, it’s completely okay to get a little frustrated with the main character.

But since she IS only just a teenager tasked with the feat of trying to save the world,we guess we can forgive her. However, we’re pretty jealous that she’s dating Tuxedo Mask! What a hottie.

3. Sailor Mercury

SOURCE: Oh No They Didn't

SOURCE: Oh No They Didn’t

Sailor Mercury is smart and is rumoured to have an IQ of 300. She’s also the Soldier of Water and Wisdom, and is resourceful when taking care of others. We also relate a lot to her because she’s secretly a fan of pop culture and romance novels. We just wish she wouldn’t get so embarrassed when people point it out.

2. Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter

SOURCE: Oh No They Didn’t

Sailor Jupiter might as well be called Miss Independent. Since her parents died in a plane crash when she was young, she lives alone and has to fend for herself.

What we also like is the fact that she’s a tomboy who stands up for her friends. Seeing that she’s also the Soldier of Thunder and Strength, she’s awesome because she can FIGHT when she needs to.

1. Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars can seem like a bit of a snob, but it’s clear she has good intentions. She’s serious and focused, even though her personality often clashes with Sailor Moon. As well, she even has psychic powers and can even use them in her civilian form!

We think Sailor Mars is the best because she’s got it all. Elegant, gorgeous and smart, she also seems to have a good head on her shoulders. We also love the fact that she isn’t afraid to get a little bitchy. Because really, who doesn’t love that?!

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