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Truth Or Dare With Our 2nd Life

Posted on July 2, 2014 by

YouTube collab channels are nothing new but there is one channel we can’t help but love.

Under the banner Our 2nd Life, YouTubers Kian Lawley, Sam Pottorff, Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon, Jc Caylen, and Trevor Moran make us laugh with their weekly themes and challenges. They could be trying to film a video in one take one week, showing off their crazy Pokémon swag during another or surprising their fans on Omegle. They’re unpredictable, they’re funny, they’re willing to share a tiny bit of their lives with us, and we love them for it.

ANDPOP’s Simon Mohos caught up with Our 2nd Life when they stopped by Toronto for the DigiTour. And like Fifth Harmony (their DigiTour buddies) before them, Simon challenged all six guys to a round a “Truth Or Dare.”

Who had candy coloured hair during this interview? Who can do one spot on impression of Justin Bieber? And who has seen whom naked?

Smack that play button to find out!

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