Jimmy Kimmel Tests Soccer Fans’ Drunk Meter

Posted on June 28, 2014 by

On Thursday night, Jimmy Kimmel tested a theory: are Soccer fans at the pub already drunk at 9 am? Kimmel executed his experiment at a west coast pub earlier that morning to ask soccer fans just how drunk they were. The World Cup brings out the daring and the drink in people apparently.

The best part of this video is not peoples answers, but the way the question is delivered – “are you hammered yet?” These people have no shame in answering with one word: yes. Our personal favourite is the girl who had been drunk since the night before. Birthdays. Got to love them.

So, Kimmel’s theory was tested, and it turns out he was right.

For some extra fun, check out the intense discussion of Football versus Soccer happening in the comments. Need some unnecessary drama? Head to YouTube comments where everything is a fight. At least it’s entertaining.

Jimmy Kimmel

Source: YouTube

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