‘Frozen’ Meets ‘Game of Thrones’ in Epic Dub Crossover

Posted on June 28, 2014 by

“Winter is coming” creates a whole new meaning in this Game of Throne and Frozen crossover video. In this hilarious video cutprintfilmTV imagines what would happen if Frozen was cut like Game of Thrones. Unsurprisingly, the result is hilarious.

CutprintfilmTV used the Game of Thrones season four trailer and layered it with Frozen footage in this expertly paced and brilliantly edited mashup. It really doesn’t get better than Olaf as Tyrion. Our only complaint is that it was not longer.

Unlikely yet innovative crossovers like these need to exist more on YouTube. How about Glee dubbed as if it were Orange is the New Black. Confusing? Yes. Hilarious? Of course.

What we really got out of this, is that John Snow needs to sing “Let it Go.”

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