YouTubers Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart Are Traveling the Country With #HeyUSA

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YouTubers Grace Helbig and Mamie Hart need YOUR help! In collaboration with Astronauts Wanted, the two besties are embarking on an adventure across America exploring the country’s hidden gems in a new series called #HeyUSA.

But this wont be your typical travel show. Each week, Helbig and Hart will travel to a new city and rely on fan tweets and suggestions (from the hashtag #HeyUSA) to determine what they do and where they should go next. The hosts will also document their adventures on Twitter, Instagram and Vine.

Helbig made the big announcement during a keynote appaearance at the 5th Annual VidCon convention in Anaheim.

“This show is so exciting and innovative. Not only do I get to travel the US with my best friend, I get to experience places and things I wouldn’t have seen had it not been for the help of our audience,” says Helbig. “It’s a modern day choose your own adventure travel series. It’s completely interactive so if it sucks it’s not our fault! Perfect scenario!”

The episodes will come out in two waves. In the first wave during the eight-week filming period, three episodes of two to four minutes will be shared in near real-time each week from the road via the Astronauts Wanted website and YouTube channel. For the second wave in September, full-length episodes comprised of longer-form narratives from their journey across the USA will be released.

But fans who are wondering if Helbig and Hart will post on their YouTube accounts don’t have to worry!  The pair will also be producing regular content for their channels on the road!

#HeyUSA premieres July 1st.

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