6 Unrealistic Lessons ‘The Notebook’ Has Taught Us About Love

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The Notebook kiss scene

It’s been 10 years since Nick Cassavetes’ The Notebook captured our hearts, tore us apart and introduced us to the perfection of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams together on (and off) the screen. But while the film still remains as popular as it was since its release, it has also taught us some pretty ridiculous things about life and love.

Who would actually think that risking your own life would help you get the girl? And why does it mysteriously start to rain during the heat of a romantic moment?

These are questions that will probably never be answered, so here are six unrealistic love lessons The Notebook has taught us.

1. You can convince someone to go on a date with you if you risk your life: 

Noah manages to get Allie to agree to a date…only because he risked his life hanging on a ferris wheel for her.

While we were all sighing at this brave stunt, it’s clear that there is NO WAY someone would do this for someone to go out with them. NONE. You’d have to pretty desperate to perform it. And in all honesty, being alive is much better than putting your life in danger just because you want to ask someone on a date.

2. Endangering yourself by dancing and lying down in the middle of a road also makes for a grand romantic gesture: 

Like the ferris wheel, Noah gets into more dangerous waters by risking both his and Allie’s life by convincing her to first lie down on the middle of the street and then later dance with him.

In reality, it would be hard to accomplish all of that in such a short amount of time without getting hit by a car. (And yet, we STILL want Ryan and his perfect face to ask us to dance.)

3. If you can’t get the girl, you should build her a house: 

In the film, Noah is so heartbroken by Allie’s engagement that he places all of his sadness and anger into building the dream home she’s always wanted.

Personally, I’m not sure of many people who would go all this way for their soul mate. But if someone is willing to do all of that just to get your attention, then maybe you should consider filing a restraining order. (I’ll make an exception for Ryan Gosling though. Because really, look at HIM.)

4. Lovers will also pretend to be animals with you:

“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”

In this clip, Allie feels like a bird because running through the water makes her feel like flying. It’s clear Noah doesn’t really understand why Allie thinks she could have been a bird in another life, but he just agrees to make her happy.

Everything about this scene is so schmaltzy and perfect that it almost makes me want to tear my eyes out. It’ll probably never happen in real life.  And yet, I just can’t stop watching.


5. Heavy rain will start right when you’re about to kiss: 

This might be one of my favourite scenes of the movie, but the timing of the storm was just too damn perfect.

But since our two star-crossed lovers FINALLY get back together here, I’ll just forgive and forget this fact. Because after all, it WAS a pretty good kiss.

Case in point:

6.  Leaving your fiancé for another man will solve your troubles: 

While you may argue that this is a spoiler, it’s probably obvious that everyone knows who Allie ends up with. (Hint: it’s Noah).

In the film, Allie leaves her fiancé Lon (poor James Marsden) for her former flame, making it seem like everything was perfect right after.

If this happened in real life, there’s no way this would have ended well. Because in case you didn’t realize, she’s got tons of baggage now.

How will she deal with her family now? How can she just leave poor Lon heartbroken like that?

While I know this is just a movie, I can’t help but think that Allie is a horrible and irresponsible person. She’s a woman who toys with two men’s hearts, which I think is pretty selfish.

But anything for love, right?

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