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Jennifer Lawrence Threw a Party To Help A Girl Battling Leukemia

Posted on June 24, 2014 by
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence may be one of Hollywood’s most sought-out actresses, but that doesn’t stop her from giving back to her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

According to 14news, the Academy Award-winning actress and her brother Ben held a party for a young Louisville girl named Hadley Mercer, who was diagnosed with leukemia when she was six months old.

Celebrating her first birthday just recently with her family, Mercer has undergone 20 spinal taps and chemotherapy treatment to battle her cancer. But since she received a bone marrow transplant in April, she is now in remission but has to make trips the hospital due to complications with the procedure.

Lawrence, who is a family friend, visited Mercer and other children in the hospital in December.

“She (Jennifer Lawrence) had to put on a gown and mask and she came in and saw Hadley and gave her a signed poster,” said Ashlie Mercer, Mercer’s mother. “It will be cool when Hadley is older.”

Ben, who co-owns Louisville Geek, helped organize a block party through the company along with several other businesses.

“She’s always had a soft spot for children, and especially sick children, so that was kind of what led to her going down there – help the family,” Ben said of his sister.

The money raised at the block party went towards the family’s medical bills. Lawrence also donated signed memorabilia from The Hunger Games and American Hustle to be auctioned at the event.

Who says Hollywood changes a person? JLaw, you deserve an Oscar for being SO KIND.

Watch the story here:
14 News, WFIE, Evansville, Henderson, Owensboro

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