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Man Crush Monday: Jerome Jarre

Posted on June 23, 2014 by

If you’re as obsessed with Vine as I am, you must have heard of Jerome Jarre.

With over 6.2 million followers on the six-second video app, the 23-year-old French boy makes our hearts melt one Vine at a time. It’s his comedic style, adorable accent and positivity that makes Jerome Jarre the perfect Man Crush Monday.

Funny enough, I was eating a banana (a total Jerome thing) when I realized all the reasons why I love him! Scroll down to find out why!

He’s Hilarious

Jarre will do anything for comedy — as long as it won’t get him arrested. Whether it’s him talking to a squirrel, holding a banana on a plane, or just smiling to a catchy beat, he’s bound to get a laugh out of you.

He’s so funny that Ellen DeGeneres even wanted him on her show!

He’s all About Positivity

SOURCE: awkwardjeromejarre on Tumblr

SOURCE: awkwardjeromejarre on Tumblr

Whether he’s spreading the hashtag #LiveLifeLikeCrazy or just tweeting a positive tweet, He always tries to start off his day as positive as possible:

Last year, Jarre filmed a great video on the streets in New York City to show that good things can happen to good people!

He’s BFFLz with Everyone!

Name your favourite celebs and chances are Jerome probably knows them and/or has made a Vine with him.

Who else can say Robert De Niro starred in one of your Vine videos?

You may also have heard of Ellie Goulding, Lorde and Aaron Paul …

Oh, and he’s even friends with Ansel Elgort:


And incase you don’t have Jerome Jarre on Snapchat, you may have also missed the cutest love story featuring Ansel!

His Accent

Step aside British boys, I need me a Jerome Jarre. His French accent makes me smile no matter what he says.

His Smile

I may or may not watch his Vines just for his smile. I’m a firm believer that when life gets rough, just smile because a better day is approaching, and Jerome’s smile definitely makes me smile.


Give the cheeky French boy a follow on his social media sites if you want positive energy!

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