‘Breaking Bad’ Gets the Animation Treatment in ‘Mr White’ Cartoon

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We may still be in mourning after Breaking Bad’s end, but news of Better Call Saul has made the coping that much easier. Unfortunately, the spinoff show still feels ways away which is why we could not be happier that the animation spoof of Breaking Bad, Mr White, has recently hit the interwebs. We didn’t know how badly we needed this short animation by eagerbeaverfilms in our lives, but we are so glad we have it now.

The duo behind eagerbeaverfilms, Johnny Lang and Jason Burke, came together to create what may be the crudest, rudest, and most hilarious “Mr Men” cartoon to exist on the internet right now. The cartoon chronicles the story of Mr White, a drug dealer in Drugland who seeks the help of Jesse Pinkman, who can apparently fly in this animation. The animation incorporates iconic parts of the show but with a comedic twist.

“Say my name.”


The story is told in standard Mr Men fashion: in the stylings of Roger Hargreaves, the original Mr Men creator. The hilariously innocent and matter-of-fact narrating by Jason Burke maximizes the hilarity of this spoof, and has us keeling over in laughter.

This may be for mature audiences, but grieving Breaking Bad fans will definitely get a kick out of this.

[Via DigitalSpy]

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