Ed Sheeran Raps On “The Man”

Posted on June 19, 2014 by

Ed Sheeran has released the song “The Man,” just another track off his highly anticipated sophomore album X (read “multiply”).

“The Man” features Ed Sheeran’s rapping skills and deals with trying to maintain some semblance of a work-life balance.

While he may not spit out rhymes at a rapid pace, it’s the weight and the emphasis of his words that makes this song impressive. His skills as a multi-faceted musician are also highlighted by the fact that he also sings his own chorus. In fact, his signature falsetto is a nicely contrasts his deep rapping voice.

Sheeran will be releasing a new track every day until the album drops on Monday June 23.

Not to spoil anything but we’ve been listening to the whole album on repeat all week, and so far we’re liking it. Make sure to check ANDPOP on next Monday when X drops for a track by track review.

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