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7 Reasons Why Prince George Is Destined To Be A Ruler

Posted on June 17, 2014 by
Prince George bites his mom's hair

While Prince George of Cambridge may still be a baby, he’s already got the world wrapped around his little fingers. Right from the moment we found out his mother Kate Middleton was expecting to his most recent royal tour to Australia, there’s no denying that his chubby cheeks, fashionable outfits and sassy nature have captured our hearts.

So without further ado, here’s to you gorgeous prince. You will make a wonderful ruler one day, and here’s seven reasons why.

1. He’s a fashion icon:

Like his mother, Prince George is quite the style icon himself. From his custom-made blue Corgi sweater given to him by grandpa Prince Charles to his ever-growing assortment of playsuits, the baby royal looks adorable in everything. Of course we’re sure that the prince is gifted many of these clothes, not to mention has his own stylist. But we can dream that he has such great taste, right?!

2. He doesn’t hide his feelings:

Prince George may not be able to speak yet, but just one look on his face shows us exactly what he’s feeling. With his looks of disapproval to gleeful smile, his sass is at 100 per cent.

3. He knows what he wants: 

When something’s good, Prince George will know. Just look at the way he chooses his toys. He loves that stuffed wombat, doesn’t he?

Though in the case of a poor stuffed bilby gifted to him during his visit to Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, he was not so impressed. It was clear he wanted the real animal instead.

4. He’s got his royal entrance down pat: 

Every leader needs to make a grand entrance. And while Prince George may still need to be carried in his mother’s arms, an appearance into the public eye alone, can steal the show.

Just take a look at the time he made his very first appearance as a newborn. He’s even got the royal wave down pat. Clearly, he is the king in the making.

5. A £5 coin was made to honour his first birthday: 

Lucky Prince George is already so special that he will get a commemorative  £5 coin to his name for his first birthday. This will be the third coin issued to the prince by Britain’s Royal Mint. Last year, one was made for his birth and another one was made for his christening.

These coins will only be available for a limited amount of time. Only 7,500 have been minted and are sold for £80 each (or $136 U.S.).

6. He’s advanced for his age: 

During the Australian royal tour, pediatricians who observed Prince George said the tot displayed advanced developmental skills for his age.

“He looks like a very mobile baby who actively plays with toys and crawls around and he could be almost walking which is very good at nine months,” said Dr Antonia Milner of the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

“A mobile baby who will go after the toys he wants, and perhaps pulling himself up to stand, chucking a toy to the ground is all good.”

But while she also noted that it might have been a bit early for him to be walking (at the time he was only nine months old), the Prince has already started walking. Here, he is taking his first steps in public while being aided by his mommy.

7. He’s had his command on the public even before he was born: 



Before Prince George of Cambridge was even born into the world, we were obsessed. From his mother’s pregnancy announcement to the months leading up to his birth, things really took a crazy turn when journalists camped out for almost a month in order to be the first people to report on his birth.

Only a future king’s birth would hold that much power onto the world. ALL HAIL PRINCE GEORGE OF CAMBRIDGE.

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