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Man Crush Monday: Kian Lawley

Posted on June 16, 2014 by
Kian Lawley

JEOPARDY ANSWER: It was created in 2005 and you can post videos on it for people worldwide to see.

If you asked, “What is Youtube?” then you’re correct!

This week’s Man Crush Monday highlights one of the many LOL-worthy YouTube stars, and today we’re talking about Kian Lawley!

Asides from running his own channels (superkian13 and kianlawley), the 18-year-old is also one sixth of the YouTube collab channel Our Second Life. He talks about all the things we like to think about on our own, he makes us laugh, and he was just in Toronto for DigiFest!

In honour of his recent visit (and our upcoming interview with the lads),Kian Lawley is our #ManCrushMonday!

Aren’t convinced? Just check out all these reasons why we love him!

He’s a Youtuber

Kian is a man with many accounts. His personal, SuperKian13 and his collaboration channel, Our Second Life are taking over the social media world one video at a time. And thanks to his time on YouTube (three years and counting!), he’s travelled around the world to meet fans and YouTubers alike.

His vlogs have evolved since beginning his channel, but here’s what his first YouTube video was like:

He’s Done A “25 Basic Facts” Video

I could write some facts about Kian, but I’m going to let Kian take the reins on this one.

He’s on Tumblr

Kian Lawley

In other words, he’s one of us.

From his layout to the stuff he reblogs, he knows what it takes to have an awesome blog. You can follow him on kianlawley.tumblr.com him for great shots, and Q&A’s.

He Loves the Fans

He’s one of those people who truly understands that he wouldn’t be where he is now if it wasn’t for his fans. From doing meet-ups IRL to Q&A’s on all of his social media sites, it’s like he spends every spare minute with his fans in one way or another.

Just imagine Kian actually tweeting you something like this:

Or being on stage with him:

When they have someone like Kian who tries his best to let his fans know that he notices them, it’s no wonder why they’re all so dedicated.


We all love a guy with a sense of humour and Kian isn’t afraid to show his silly side.

He’s a man with my faces.

SOURCE: justalibertywalk on Tumblr

SOURCE: justalibertywalk on Tumblr

And he’s not afraid to let his weirdness out:

SOURCE: calyhood on Tumblr

SOURCE: calyhood on Tumblr

Until next Monday…

SOURCE: ninadorbve on Tumblr

SOURCE: ninadorbve on Tumblr


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