Documentary “Mudbloods” Follows Real-life Quidditch Players

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Harry Potter

FIFA World Cup? We are too busy watching the Quidditch world series.

Harry Potter may have played his first game of Quidditch and caught (swallowed) his first snitch years ago, but we’ve learned that since then the the fictional game has become popular in real life as well. The documentary Mudbloods, directed by Farzad Sangari, explores how the once fictional game became a competition in which collegiate athletes compete, reports Deadline.

The documentary will chronicle the UCLA Quidditch team and follow them as they fight their way to Fifth Annual Quidditch World Cup in New York City. This is a sport that we can definitely get into.

Who are we kidding.

We will be watching this documentary strictly for Harry Potter related uniforms (wishful thinking), flying on brooms (but how do they fly?), and to give us just more of a reason to quote Hermione Granger. Okay, we realize they can’t fly…even though they should. That would be cool. Regardless, Muggle Quidditch sounds pretty darn amazing and it will be interesting to see how the game has been interpreted and adapted to be played by non-flying folk.

Tip to players? Just try not to swallow the snitch.

 courtesy of missoandfriends

courtesy of missoandfriends

Mudbloods is slated for premiere on June 21 at AFI DOCS and will be dropped digitally later this fall.


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