Joey The Cat is One Talented, Thirsty Kitten

Posted on June 14, 2014 by
Joey The Cat

It’s not news that ANDPOP loves cats, but Joey is not your everyday kitten. User Hilary D shares that Joey loves water and has been drinking water out of a spray bottle since he was young simply because he is just too cool for your standard water bowl.

According to LaughingSquid, all it takes is the shaking of the spray bottle for Joey, the adorable tabby cat, to come bolting down the stairs to enjoy a drink. Hilary, Joey’s owner, has uploaded a couple of  videos showing him drinking from everything from the shower to a watering can.

Joey is such an extra special cat he could be the star of his own web-series drinking from different things, and running around his house to locate the nearest water source. See Joey run and drink in the videos below:

Joey drinks from everywhere that is not a bowl:

Joey running for his water:

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