Jimmy Fallon Reveals Ben Stiller Was #Hashtag the Panda the Whole Time

Posted on June 14, 2014 by

Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuz Ben Stiller?

The mystery is over. Hashtag the Panda has won the hearts of fans of The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon through some extra special appearances, but his identity has consistently been kept on the down low. Now, the jig is up.

Fallon decided Hashtag needed to cool off a bit, so to help air him out he took his mask off and revealing him to be Ben Stiller. Turns out, stiller was our fun loving furry friend all along! Turns out, Stiller wanted to promote his web-series Next Time on Lonny, which is already on its second season.

Or not. After all, as HuffingtonPost pointed out,  Late Night writer John W. Haskell has been photographed back in april wearing the suit.

Conspiracy? Maybe, but at least it’s fuzzy.

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