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Top Tweets of The Week: Jay McGuiness’ Pool Warning, Katy Perry’s Vacation Braids And More

Posted on June 13, 2014 by
Jay McGuiness

With countless celebrities sharing their thoughts in 140 characters or less, it’s almost impossible to keep up with what’s going on with everyone — until now. Every Friday, ANDPOP’s Gabriella Zicarelli will be rounding up the best celebrity tweets to help you stay in the loop. This week, Katy Perry gets braids, Pitch Perfect‘s Brittany Snow has twerking problems and Jay McGuiness has some pool advice.

Doggy Bliss

Whether it’s dogs taking baths, dogs sleeping, dogs frolicking through the grass and any other dog moment that make us go “awww!”, there’s no denying how easily any one of these scenarios can put a smile on our face. A perfect example is this photo of Carrie Underwood’s dog enjoying a belly rub.

I mean, it literally looks like they’re laughing! This is why dogs are man’s best friend.

Vacation Braids For The Win

Don’t know about anyone else but getting vacation braids after a nice holiday was super popular when I was in high school. And not just a few braids here and there; no, we’re talking about braidng your entire head! Judging from this tweet from Katy Perry, I can only assume she either treated herself to the popular look or was just in the mood to give it a shout out.

Either way, I couldn’t help that this Friends moment is the first thing I thought about:

Twerk Problems

As everyone knows by now, the filming of Pitch Perfect 2 is well under way. While we’re excited to see the finished product next year, we must be patient as filming an entire movie is hard work. For example,  one of the movie’s star, Brittany Murphy, ran into one unexpected injury.

On the bright side, Brittany finally another use for glowsticks.                

Season Three of The Mindy Project

Season two of The Mindy Project ended with the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Mindy and Danny finally caved into their feelings and got back together. They even sealed the deal with a makeout session a top of The Empire State Building. If this photo Mindy tweeted is enough to speculate on, it looks like season three will offer even more great Danny and Mindy moments .


George R.R. Martin Joins Twitter

George R.R. Martin joined Twitter this week but it wasn’t the Game of Thrones author who gave us this noteworthy tweet. In fact, Stephen Colbert probably summed up the moment in the best way possible. 

There’s only one word that comes to mind after reading this:

Jay’s Warning

Ah, what would we do without Jay McGuiness’ insightful and informative tweets? The Wanted member has been pretty “vocal” on Twitter these days, but it was this tweet about urinating in pools that, for obvious reasons, stood out the most.

You’re one odd individual, McGuiness, but we still love you.

Source: jaymcfucker on Tumblr

Source: jaymcfucker on Tumblr

Steve Martin and His Spider

There’s nothing like heading to the kitchen and grabbing a bite, right? Well, just imagine having that lovely moment ruined by a huge spider. That’s exactly what happened to Steve Martin on Wednesday night and he shared this pretty terrifying photo as evidence. 

From there, the spider saga just got interesting.

I’m all for the catch and release method when it comes to spiders but, honestly, this probably would’ve left me hiding in a corner.

Multiply Is Completely Family Friendly

In exactly 11 days, our ears will be rejoicing to the sound of Ed Sheeran’s highly anticipated second album X (which is pronounced as “Multiply”). ELEVEN DAYS PEOPLE!(Sorry, I’m just a tad excited.)

But until that day comes, Ed decided to let us in on a bit of a fun and rather adorable fact on why he decided to leave out the profanity this time around.

It really is a sweet gesture, but is it bad that I’m slightly disappointed?

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