How Not Screw Up Father’s Day: A Last-Minute Gift Guide

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Father's Day gift ideas

Father’s Day is on Sunday. In case you don’t know how to tell time, that’s really, really soon. Like, really soon. But don’t worry, even if you haven’t got your daddio a gift yet, we’ve put together the best last-minute gift guide so you don’t end up getting the worst-kid-of-the-year award.

We all know that holidays like Father’s Day are all about the presents, and you probably owe your dad big time. You both have likely shared some really special moments throughout your life: maybe he taught you how to play catch, or taken out you fishing, or taught you how to ride a bike. Or maybe he’s actually really cool and has never told you to go outside so you can continue Facebook creeping your attractive friends.

You’re probably clueless, so follow along and get your dad one of these gift ideas.

1. A pet.

Because your dad might not be really cool and dislike it when you spend 100% of your free time Facebook creeping, a pet is the perfect gift.

Dog With Sunglasses

Can’t afford a dog? Who cares! You may not have been outside in awhile, but dogs are all over the place! Go outside in the evening and take a stroll around your neighbourhood. Chances are your neighbours are walking their dogs. Bring a friend and have them cause a distraction. Then just snatch a cute pup, tie a bow around its neck, and you’ve got yourself the perfect Father’s Day gift!

2. Breakfast in bed.

Breakfast in bed is great because it’s a Father’s Day classic but requires almost zero effort.

Froot Loops

Your dad probably never has breakfast in bed, so give the guy what he wants. Your dad is probably really old and losing his mind, so you can easily trick him. Just throw some knock-off Froot Loops (save the good stuff for yourself) in a bowl, pour in some milk, and set it on the floor beside his bed. If you look up “breakfast” in the dictionary, you’ll find it’s food you eat in the morning for breakfast. Duh. So this totally counts.

3. The Thought.

Get a piece of paper, write “thought” on it.

Deep in Thought

Parents are always saying it’s the thought that counts. Just go right to the source and give them what they want. Remember, your dad is probably really old and dumb, so he’ll fall for this too.

4. A piece of driftwood.

You can take our word for it: Dads love driftwood.


Driftwood may look really stupid to you, but to a father, it’s smooth, wooden gold. If you live by water, go to it. There’s probably driftwood laying close by — unless the beach is really populated by dads. Because, I’m telling you, dads eat this shit up. They’ll use it to decorate your house, put a sheet of glass on top of it and call it a table, or just admire it’s weird beauty. What’s best for you is that it’s free! Why spend money on dad? You have fun stuff to buy for yourself!

5. A good hug.

There’s nothing like a good hug.

A good hug

If you read this and still forgot to get one of the things above, you can always cop out with a really good hug. And if you don’t like hugs, tell your mom to give your dad a hug. He’ll probably appreciate it.

Happy Father’s Day!

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