Puff Daddy Goes ‘Game of Thrones’ In ‘I Want The Love’ Music Video

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Looks like Puff Daddy wants the Iron Throne as much as everyone else in Westeros.

As we wait anxiously for Game of Thrones’ fourth season finale this Sunday, the rapper is paying homage to all GoT fans in his new music video ‘ I Want The Love’ which also features Meek Mill.

Set in the North where direwolves roam, Puff Daddy sits on a replica of the throne while wearing a burly fur coat. Snowmobiles and tons of dolla dolla bills also make an appearance, which makes me wonder if life would have been easier for Jon Snow if he had those in hand when he was hanging out with the Wildings.

That being said though, who thinks Puff should make a cameo on GoT? After all, he already did it for Downton Abbey (or should I say, Downton Diddy?). It would only be right for him to appear on GoT as Lord Diddy.

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, don’t let Puff Daddy’s potential go to waste.

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    daaa lalalalala

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