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ANDPOP wants to help you stun your family and friends with your utterly amazing musical taste. Gabriella Zicarelli will profile a new musical act for you to enjoy on a weekly basis. This week, we take a look at Swedish trio NONONO.

NoNoNo have been garnering massive buzz in the indie music scene ever since they broke out with the release of their first single, “Like the Wind.”

Based out of Stockholm Sweden, NoNoNo consists of producers Tobias “Astma” Jimson, Michel Rocwell (who have both previously worked with Icona Pop, Benny Banks and Bebe Black) and singer/songwriter Stina Wäppling. After being introduced to one another by a mutual friend back in 2012, the dance-pop trio have been producing nothing short of catchy, melancholy hit-making magic.

The Swedish group have recently been making their way into the North American market thanks to an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live as well as having their single “Pumpin’ Blood” featured in commercials for brands Garnier Fructis and Samsung“Pumpin’ Blood” has also received the “Glee treatment” after the cast did a cover of the song this past season.

The single then went on to peak at number 22 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart and number 32 on the Pop charts.

The band have also just ended their first North American tour with Ohio duo Twenty-One Pilots, and released their first full-length album, We Are What We Feel earlier this year.

NoNoNo’s music can be described as personal with an anthemic flare, slightly dark undertones and deep rooted lyrics, courtesy of Wäppling who was a full time psychiatric nurse before joining the band. Not many bands can successfully pair such dark topics with catchy hooks that oddly make listeners feel good and want to pump their fist in the air. Alas, NoNoNo does just that and the proof is in their tunes.


MEMBERS: Tobias “Astma” Jimson, Michel Rocwell and Stina Wäppling.

FROM: Stockholm, Sweden

KNOWN FOR: Their anthemic sound

FILE NEXT TO: Icona Pop, Robyn

DOWNLOAD NOW: “Pumpin’ Blood”


1. Singer Stina Wäppling worked in a mental hospital as a full-time psychiatric nurse and still does during her spare time.

2. Before entering the dance-pop scene, Rocwell and Jimson spent nearly a decade in the hip-hop scene.

3. Wäppling signed her first publishing contract with Warner Brothers when she was 17.

4. Before joining the trio, Wäppling lived in Brighton, England while completing her psychology degree. 


“Hungry Eyes”

“Down Under”

“Like The Wind”

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