The Vamps And Demi Lovato Want To Be “Somebody To You”

Posted on June 9, 2014 by

The Vamps soak up some of the summer sun in their new music video “Somebody To You,” featuring none other than Demi Lovato!

In the music video, the British pop rock band are getting us all excited for the upcoming months as Tristan Evans, Brad Simpson, James McVey and Connor Ball do all of our favourite summer things: hanging out at the beach, by the pool, going to outdoor shows… Meanwhile, Demi Lovato is all kinds of gorgeous as sings along on top of a car and walks between some fancy curtains.

The song itself is a perfect laid back pop tune that you’ll want to learn on the guitar for the next time you host a campfire. In other words, yes, we’ll be hitting play on this song for weeks to come.

The Vamps will be joining Austin Mahone, Fifth Harmony and Shawn Mendes for Austin Mahone’s summer tour!

Hey, can we also just say we’re really liking this new wave of young rock bands? Because, to us, boys with instruments will always be attractive. Just saying.

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