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T.I., LL Cool J and Hugh Jackman Rap At The Tony Awards

Posted on June 9, 2014 by

When I think of the Tony Awards, the award show that honours Broadway’s best and brightest stars, the names LL Cool J and T.I. definitely do not come to mind. I also couldn’t imagine Wolverine rapping alongside the two in suits nonetheless but alas, it happened on Sunday night to the confusion/delight to theatre fans everwhere.

That’s right, folks: sandwiched between LL Cool J and T.I., Hugh Jackman performed a rap version of “Rock Island” from Music Man. The results were, um, varied to say the least.

As a non-theatre person, I found it pretty funny because yes, T.I.! Yes, LL Cool J! Yes, Questlove for making the beat! Yay for trying to appeal to young people but failing!

And like the show’s actual audience, Twitter’s own show business (“There’s no business like show business!”) community felt confused by the whole spectacle.

But don’t take our words for it. Watch it for yourself and decide.

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