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One Direction To Release Their Third Fragrance, You And I, This Summer

Posted on June 9, 2014 by

It’s true: One Direction will be releasing their third fragrance this summer! Called “You and I,” band member Liam Payne announced the good news in a quick 15-second video message on Monday.

“Hi guys. So we have some really, really big news for you. We have a new fragrance coming out,” he said. “It’s coming out later this summer, it’s called ‘You and I.’ We worked really hard on it, we tried to find a scent that we all liked. We worked really hard on the design, the packaging and the bottle as well. We can’t wait for you guys to see it. Enjoy!”

Named after their hit single “You and I,” this is the band’s third fragrance. They released their first scent, the sweet-like-candy “Our Moment,” last summer, and its spin-off scent, the fruity “That Moment,” last May.

Seeing that Liam didn’t talk about the actual scent in the video, we can only imagine what “You and I” will smell like. Here are our best guesses:

– Taking a cue from their “You and I” music video, “You and I” will be a light fragrance that smells like the sea air
– Or, considering it’s another summer scent, it’ll smell like a beautiful field full of flowers, not unlike the ones you imagine yourself frolicking in with one, two or all the members of One Direction
– Or maybe it’ll smell like dirt. The nice wet dirt scent you smell at the beginning of spring and/or when you go camping, another fun summer activity

What do you think “You and I” will smell like?

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