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Nic Cage Wears A Shirt With His Face On It

Posted on June 9, 2014 by
Nic Cage

This week in “Celebs Get Meta,” everyone’s favourite meme, Nic Cage, wore a shirt with his face on it at a Guns N’ Roses show.

For those who spend way to much time on the internet (guilty as charged), why yes, that is the much beloved “You Don’t Say” meme on his shirt. We wonder if he did the face every time someone pointed out that he was wearing a shirt with his own face on it…

Anyways, the actor paired his shirt with a indigo satin blazer, a cowboy hat, a cane and lots of beaded necklaces. There were so many beaded necklaces that it looked like he raided a frat house for his outfit.

You know that he just had to do it up for a Guns N’ Roses show, especially if the band invites you up to the stage to take a bow with them at the end of the night:

Baller. Status.

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